SKINS Essentials Compression MX Calf Tights, Black/Yellow, X-Small
SKINS Essentials Compression MX Calf Tights, Black/Yellow, X-Small

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SKINS Essentials Compression MX Calf Tights, Black/Yellow, X-Small

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  • Dynamic Gradient compression delivers more oxygen-filled blood to active muscles to increase power and stamina
  • Asymmetric "left/right" construction for precision fit and complete controlled compression coverage including Achilles tendon
  • Powerful yet flexible support to the calf, shin and Achilles: "U" shaped panels hug calf muscles for added support and stability
  • Excellent for mitigating calf cramps and shin splints
  • SKINS performance compression: it's equipment, not clothing

Original Product Guaranteed - Imported from USA

Designed for training and competing in any sport, SKINS essentials compression calf tights MX SUPERCHARGE your performance naturally. Dynamic gradient compression accelerates your blood flow to deliver more oxygen to your active muscles - so you can hound after that ball harder in training and on match day. Asymmetric "left/right" construction guarantees the most precise fit. It also allows to build a calf tight that can offer more comfortable, controlled compression over the Achilles. For additional comfort in the Achilles area, utilizes a softer memory MX fabric panel. With our biomechanically placed "U" shaped panels and dynamic gradient compression, you'll notice improved power, as well as less post-exercise muscle soreness. Calf tights for ultimate focused support to your calf muscle for high impact sports. Great for all activities, training, sports and terrific for mitigating issues such as shin splints. Wear essentials compression calf tights to improve your performance like nothing before.

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