Skins Men's A200 Compression 1/2 Tights/Shorts, Black/Graffiti, X-Small

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Skins Men's A200 Compression 1/2 Tights/Shorts, Black/Graffiti, X-Small

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Condition: New
  • World's first Dynamic Gradient Compression delivers more oxygen-filled blood to active muscles, increasing endurance, power, and efficiency
  • Engineered to properly support the Quad and Hamstring muscles
  • Improved circulation increases oxygen delivery to active muscles to create more power
  • Features Powerful SKINS warp knit fabric, moisture wicking and 50 + UV protection
  • SKINS Performance Compression: It's equipment, not clothing

Original Product Guaranteed - Imported from USA

Whatever your sport, SKINS A200 Compression Half Tights are scientifically proven to help your leg muscles perform better for longer by improving blood flow and oxygen supply. Whether you're a dedicated sports fiend or an active on the weekend, you'll be sure to notice the difference. Improved circulation also means painful blood lactate is re-circulated faster, and by compressing your muscles SKINS reduce muscle vibration, giving you a quicker recovery time and less risk of injury. As well as SKINS compression technology, the A200 range features strategically placed seams to support and anchor vital muscle groups, and eliminate chafing during your workout. The A200 Compression Half Tights also feature an internal key pocket and all-new raised tactile SKINS logos on the waistband. And most importantly, we've tailored the crotch for greater comfort. SKINS Performance Compression: It's equipment, not clothing.

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